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Pinzon Luxury -Gram Cotton Hand Towel, Marine

Pinzon Luxury
Pinzon Luxury 820-Gram Cotton Hand Towel, Marine
by Pinzon
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Traditional Turkish hospitality has always meant offering only the finest and softest towels to houseguests. Bring that tradition into your own home with this ultra-plush Pinzon Luxury hand towel. "Luxury" says it all: the thick towel of 100-percent cotton terry is constructed of short, densely woven loops of two-ply yarn and weighs in at an exceptional 820 grams per square meter for outstanding absorbency and quick drying. Expertly crafted in Turkey, the hand towel features strong seams and classic pique borders at either end for an elegant look. Safe to clean at home in the washer and dryer, the hand towel measures 20 by 30 inches and weighs 11 ounces. Combine it with the full line of Pinzon Luxury bath sheets, bath towels, washcloths, and bath mats for a fully accessorized bathroom.

Care Instructions: To best care for this product, please exclusively follow the washing instructions on the label. Fabric softeners should not be used when washing or drying, since softeners often include chemicals that can break down the construction of the material and decrease its absorbency.

In addition, take care to avoid direct contact between this product's fabric and chemical acids or bleaches often found in many cosmetics. Certain cosmetics such as facial care products, creams, makeup, and makeup removers contain chemical acids and/or bleaches which can discolor fabric. These chemicals do not dissolve in water and may cling to the fabric when wiped against the skin, leading to a discoloration that appears as spots or splotches. Generally, it's best to use a towel or cloth with white fabric when removing facial creams and similar products from the face. Likewise, discolorations may also occur when attempting to spot-clean stains with bar soap. Certain bar soaps also contain high acidity levels and/or dyes that can discolor fabric.

Pinzon Towel Comparison Chart
Material Pile Height Feel Absorbency Weight Dimensions Special Feature
Rayon Made from Bamboo 6.5mm Silky Soft Medium-High 30.5 oz. 30" x 56" Anti-bacterial
MicroCotton 5.5mm Fluffy Soft High 20 oz. 27" x 54" Excellent Absorbency
820-Gram Cotton 6mm Densely Soft High 31 oz. 30" x 56" Premium; durable
Rayon made from bamboo: Made from bamboo grass, Rayon made from bamboo fiber has a velvety soft texture and a lustrous appearance that dyes well. Usually blended with cotton, Rayon made from bamboo towels are naturally anti-bacterial and mildew-resistant. Rayon is derived from bamboo, a fast-growing plant, which can be cultivated at the same rate or faster than it is used. Shop all Pinzon Rayon made from bamboo towels.
MicroCotton: A trademark for a high-quality, long-staple cotton fiber developed in India. Its soft and plush fibers create a fluffy towel with a suede-like texture and excellent absorbency. Shop all Pinzon MicroCotton towels.
820-Gram Cotton: Grown exclusively in Turkey, Turkish cotton is a premium cotton featuring an extra-long staple. This long staple creates a towel with a high level of comfort, absorbency, and durability. However, because it absorbs so well, it may take longer to dry in household dryers. Shop all Pinzon 820-gram cotton towels.

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