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Rubber-Cal Kitchen Mat % Nitrile Rubber Floor Mat - /inch x ft x ft - Red

RubberCal Kitchen
Rubber-Cal Kitchen Mat 100% Nitrile Rubber Floor Mat - 3/8inch x 3ft x 5ft - Red
by Rubber-Cal

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Rubber-Cal's Kitchen Mat is a 3/8 inch thick, 100% grease resistant nitrile, rolled rubber anti-fatigue drainage mat that is available in 2 colors: black and red, and is perfect for applications containing greases and oils. Nitrile is a grease and oil resistant elastomer meaning this mat will have excellent life even when subjected to organic and synthetic greases and oils and has excellent compatibility with Methyl Alcohol, Ammonia, Ammonium Salts, animal fats, ASTM oil categories #1, #2, ASTM reference Fuel A, B, Butane, Copper Salts, Detergents, Diesel Oil, Gasoline, Glycerin, Jet Fuels, JP-6, Kerosene, Mercury, Natural Gas, Potassium Salts, Propane, Tallow, Zinc Sulfate. Rubber is an extremely comfortable and supple material and offers superior anti-fatigue underfoot comfort and support to make long hours of walking, working, and standing far more comfortable. The resilience of the rubber also provides protection to parts and equipment that may be dropped on the floor. This mat is designed and manufactured for its durability and grease resistance. Additionally, this mat has large holes to provide excellent drainage and allowing liquids, greases, oils, and debris to pass through leaving the top surface clear of hazards thus increasing safety. The high coefficient of friction (i.e. slip resistance) found in natural rubber maintains excellent traction even when the mat is wet. At 3/8 inch thick these drainage mats are designed for heavy-duty applications like commercial kitchens, coffee shops, bars, manufacturing facilities, and warehouses. This mat is available in one-piece molded mats that will not curl, shrink or separate.

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