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Tagco Roasted Garlic Express Electric Roaster - WHITE

Tagco Roasted
Tagco Roasted Garlic Express Electric Roaster - WHITE
by Tagco
4.7 out of 5 stars(43)

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Never before has roating garlic been so easy!
There have been numerous studies with over 2000 published papers that document the health promoting properties of eating garlic. It boosts the immune system possibly increasing resistance to allergies, colds, anemia, and asthma. Garlic may help blood platelets from sticking together so the body is able to break up blood clots. There have been clinical studies indicating garlic may reduce bad cholesterol levels and boost memory. Many nutritional supplements include garlic for an assortment of other possible benefits. On top off that, garlic tastes great with pasta, meat, and vegetables. Here's a great way to help increase garlic intake with maximum flavor and speed - The Roasted Garlic Express.

The best advantages of the "Roasted Garlic Express" are the savings in time and energy. It only takes 27 minutes to roast up to 3 bulbs of garlic while it takes an hour or longer in your conventional oven. The amount of energy used is minimal.

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