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Clean Cubes - Pack - Disposable Recycling and Trash Bins

Clean Cubes
Clean Cubes - 3 Pack - Disposable Recycling and Trash Bins
by Clean Cubes
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Clean Cubes are attractive, disposable trash and recycle bins. Their dual-purpose design is comprised of a durable paper bin lined with a leak-resistant plastic trash bag. Clean Cubes make recycling and trash disposal a snap - just pop it open, then fill it with recyclables or trash. When the Clean Cube is full, lift and tighten the drawstring on the plastic bag and dispose of the entire Clean Cube!

Clean Cubes provide additional recycling or trash space wherever and whenever you need it. Don't you hate it when guests are over and you run out of trash space? Just pop open another Clean Cube and you have an instant extra recycling bin or trash can. Having a cookout and don't have outdoor trash receptacles? Whether for parties, picnics, camping, boats, trade shows, or any number of uses, Clean Cubes are a great solution anytime you could use instant trash or recycling bins. Clean Cubes and all of its components are biodegradable.

Learn more at Clean Cubes was recently named a 2012 International Housewares Association (IHA) Innovation Award Winner!

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