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Todco GR Roasted Garlic Express

Todco GR300
Todco GR300 Roasted Garlic Express
by Todco
4.7 out of 5 stars(36)

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The world's first electric garlic roaster! Instead of heating up your oven to roast garlic (which can take anywhere from one hour to two hours), roast it in here - it will be ready in just 27 minutes! Shaped just like a garlic bulb, this handy roaster plugs into your kitchen outlet for roasting on your countertop. The roaster includes a roasting cup; to use, first add olive oil to the roasting cup, season with salt and herbs then place up to three garlic bulbs (removed of their tops to expose the cloves) into the roasting cup, cut sides facing down. With the pan now in the roaster, close the cover and press the Start button. When the light goes out, wait a minute to cool then remove the roasting cup by its handle. Place the bulbs on a plate to cool then squeeze out the garlic from inside each clove. The garlic is now mellow, buttery and nutty - ready to add to mashed potatoes or to spread on crusty bread.

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