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Terra Cotta Electric Express Garlic Roaster

Terra Cotta
Terra Cotta Electric Express Garlic Roaster
by Tagco
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Garlic has long been popular for many reasons, from health benefits to simply flavoring food. More than just a delicious flavoring, it has also been associated with preventing cancer, diabetes, heart disease and infections. In the culinary world, roasting garlic is a favorite of many chef's palettes, but is a time consuming method for chefs and home users alike. Fortunately, those days are over with the Express Garlic Roaster. This unit roasts garlic in just 27 minutes, and makes use of an automatic shut off feature to prevent burning. The roaster uses a terra cotta clay piece, to cover the heating element, that provides even heating without direct contact. Simply fill the nonstick roasting cup with the desired number of garlic bulbs, along with one tablespoon of oil per bulb. Place the bulbs cut-side down, close the lid and power the machine on. Press the start button and the roasting cycle begins, automatically bringing it to the right temperature and amount of time. Cleaning is a snap due to the non-stick interior, and the roasting handle is completely detachable. In addition, the cord stores underneath the unit to keep countertops clean and storage a breeze.

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