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RUSTICABiscotti jar [BS-RUS]

RUSTICA: Biscotti jar [#BS2-RUS]
by RUSTICA Collection

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Rustica translated from Italian means rustic, which aptly describes the weathered-looking, mottled background and country colors of the Rustica line.
This charming biscotti jar looks like a family heirloom thats been handed down and loved for generations.
Perhaps even as far back as biscotti have been made in Italy, over 600 years ago.

RUSTICA Collection: This product is part our Artistica's trademark Rustica Collection which represents a tradition within a tradition! Artistica's oldest and most proven collection still reigns as one of our best-selling lines.
Best of all, all Rustica products are also very well priced!
Every item in the Rustica collection is individually hand-made by skilled Italian artisans, and not mass-produced. The relaxed Mediterranean/Country tone found in this assortment of large and medium sized Canisters, Umbrella Stands, Planters, Pitchers, Wall Plates, Jugs, and Decorative Wall Plaques is right in line with current design and decorating trends.

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