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AirBake Ultra by T-Fal Insulated .-Inch Perforated Pizza Pan

AirBake Ultra
AirBake Ultra by T-Fal Insulated 15.75-Inch Perforated Pizza Pan
by WearEver
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As a member of WearEver's unique AirBake line, this perforated pan features two aluminum sheets surrounding a layer of air. The trapped air ensures even heat distribution and keeps the top surface from getting too hot thus preventing burnt crusts and edges. Designed to fit a medium-sized pizza, the pan measures 15-3/4 inches across and slightly curves upward around the outer edge to prevent the pie from sliding off. In addition to its excellent cooking characteristics, the aluminum construction won't rust, withstands the use of metal utensils, and cleans safely in the dishwasher. A broad selection of additional bakeware items including cake pans, cookie sheets, and muffin tins are available with the AirBake system.

Airbake Pizza Pan - 100% Aluminum Construction - Patented, insulated air technology. Guarantees even baking and no burning. Exclusive 2-layer design ensures superior results SIZE:15.75-inch

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