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Peugeot PM Fidji . Inch Salt Mill, Wild Cherry

Peugeot PM22518
Peugeot PM22518 Fidji 4.75 Inch Salt Mill, Wild Cherry
by Peugeot
3.0 out of 5 stars(10)

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PEUGEOT: France, since 1810. Peugeot mills are renowned by chefs and gourmet cooks the word over for the consistent grind results they produce, their incredible resilience and proven reliability. Compromise is not a word that fits into the Peugeot vocabulary. For each spice, there is one – and only one – Peugeot grinding mechanism: peppercorns; coarse dry salt; chilies; herbs and spices; wet salts; and nutmeg. Add the coffee mechanism, which started it all, and there are seven unique Peugeot mechanisms. Each is designed to derive the most flavor and greatest aroma from its complementary spice. Aesthetically pleasing, Peugeot mills deliver the height of quality, durability, reliability and innovation; making these mills the ones to which all others are compared. Cut and shaped from select French beech wood, Fidji’s sleek silhouette is dressed with a brushed stainless steel top. Fidji classic has a traditional grind adjustment: turn the top nut clockwise (tighten) for a finer grind; counter-clockwise (loosen) for a coarser grind. This mill is equipped with Peugeot’s exceptional salt grinding mechanism: it is unlike anything else on the market. Its two ribbed plates are made from a stainless steel blend that offers resiliency, rigidity and resistance to corrosion from dry salts. When the mechanism is activated, the ribs work to twist and fracture each salt crystal to the desired size. Mill is 4-3/4-inches tall with a cherry finish.

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