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Natural Cotton Mesh Produce Bag (-Pack)

Natural Cotton
Natural Cotton Mesh Produce Bag (6-Pack)
by Simple Ecology
4.5 out of 5 stars(16)

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A trip to the market can easily require 6 to 8 plastic produce bags. Our Reusable Produce Bags eliminate the need for these plastic bags. The mesh fabric is highly stretchable and allows for easy identification of contents. It allows for excellent air circulation, perfect for pantry storage of large thick skinned produce like onions and potatoes, as well as refrigerator storage of apples, cucumbers, etc. For refrigerator storage of produce that easily wilt such as lettuce and greens, consider our Organic Cotton Muslin Produce Bags. Easy to care for, just wash in cold water and line dry. While you can expect about 10% shrinkage on the first wash, the mesh material will stretch back out to near the prewashed size when filled again.

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