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Jokari Fizz-Keeper Pump & Pour

Jokari FizzKeeper
Jokari Fizz-Keeper Pump & Pour
by Jokari
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Unless you're prone to malaria, it's a decent bet you won't finish a bottle of quinine-laced tonic water at one sitting--likewise, that bottle of sugar- and caffeine-free Coca-Cola that was brought to a Pepsi Lovers' picnic. And if there's anything sadder than a fizzless, half-filled bottle of cream soda taking up refrigerator space, please keep it to yourself. How to preserve the fizz in that 1-, 1.5-, or 2-liter bottle that wasn't finished? Jokari has created a solution with the Fizz-Keeper Pump & Pour, a simple device just over 3 inches tall that screws onto the bottle's neck, replacing the existing cap. By repeatedly squeezing the baglike bellows atop the unit until the sides of the plastic bottle (it's not for use with glass bottles) don't compress, you've effectively created an airtight seal and equalized the bottle's internal pressure. The pumping action can be pretty slow going, and the wait for the bulb to reinflate between squeezes can be frustrating, though the easy-to-flip release lever means the Pump & Pour need not be removed for the life of the bottle. As the name "Fizz-Keeper" suggests, it's all in an effort to ensure that Saturday's soda makes a gin and tonic effervescently refreshing, even on a Tuesday. --Tony Mason

Nothing is worse than sitting down with your ice cold cola, only to discover that is flat. Using Jokari's fizz keeper pump and pour, you can re-pressurize your two liter bottles so that they retain their carbonation. Simply squeeze the pumping balloon, and make sure the seal is tight. With pumping, the soda's life will be greatly elongated, and you can flip the pump back on its hinge for pouring.

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