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MYdrap .-Inch by .-Inch Linen and Cotton Luncheon Napkins on a Roll, Natural Linen

MYdrap 79Inch
MYdrap 7.9-Inch by 7.9-Inch Linen and Cotton Luncheon Napkins on a Roll, Natural Linen
by MYdrap

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MYdrap – real Linen Blend napkins and placemats on a roll! MYdrap Linen Blend Luncheon Napkins are the only brand of Linen Blend napkins that come on a roll, to tear off just like their paper counterparts – but you can use each one up to six times! Each Luncheon Napkin is 7.9 inches square (20cm), and can be used as a napkin or tea towel; they come in a roll of 25 napkins. The solid color natural linen napkin is trimmed with a pinstripe line around the border. The napkins offer equal levels of design, quality and convenience, and are completely washable at a very affordable price. MYdrap’s patented technology enables you to have a perfectly smooth napkin with a soft feel; each napkin is perforated at the edge so it tears off the roll cleanly and quickly, and goes straight to your table. The napkin rolls pack easily into a bag or picnic basket, for easy and efficient transport. MYdrap napkins have countless uses: a children’s party, a formal dinner, a patio luncheon, a cocktail party, on your boat, at the beach, or even as guest towels in your powder room. The Linen Blend fabric is completely machine washable and tumble dry, and can be laundered up to six times. Dispose of each piece at the end of its cycle in your “clean-green” recycle bin, as each piece is completely biodegradable. MYdrap napkins are perfect for home, catering or restaurant use, featuring the quality of a fabric table Linen Blend with the convenience of disposables. All MYdrap products are designed and manufactured to the strictest quality standards in Barcelona, Spain.

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